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Cannabis indica

Cannabis comes in 3 sub-species, cannabis indica, cannabis sativa and cannabis Ruderalis

Today we discribe strains of cannabis as indica, sativa or a hybrid of the two.

indica strains are generally relatively short, conical with tightly packed branches, whereas Cannabis sativa strains can be described as tall with spaced out branches.

indica plants tend to have short, broad leaves whereas sativa plants have leaves that are relatively long and narrow.

Its is important for us to understand each subspecies to get a feeling for the genetic make up of the plant in question

Cannabis indica

These broad leaved strains of marijuana have typically been produced in India, Afghanistan and Pakistan for the production of Hashish. Pharmacologically, indica strains tend to have a much higher cannabidiol (CBD) content than cannabis sativa strains.

For the end user this results in more of a stoned feeling whereas the sativa strains which tend to have higher levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) give the user more of a ‘high’ or ‘trippy’ feeling.

Because of the short summers in the regions that Indica strains originate they tend to finish flowering much more quickly than sativa strains, many going through the full flowering cycle within 8 weeks.

As they have less time to grow they stay shorter and produce solid resin covered buds which traditionally made them perfect for the production of Hashish.

Some examples of pure indica strains are:

Spoetnik from paradise seeds

pure indica strain

Spoetnik is a pure indica strain

Himalaya Gold from greenhouse seeds

greenhouse female himalaya gold

Pure indica strain himalaya gold

Next Generation Afghani Kush feminised

Afghan kush indica seeds

Pure indica afghani kush seeds