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Problems with online card payments

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

Credit and debit card payment problems through the website

Unfortunately due to problems beyond our control we are currently unable to take credit or debit card payments through the website.

We can however now take card payments on our sister site as long as you are from Europe

We do offer alternative payment options with come with a 10% discount and these include:

  • Bank transfer
  • Cash, check or postal order in the mail
  • Money order / Money transfer
  • Bitcoin

To use one of these payment options just select ‘Direct Payment’ at checkout and you will be given a discounted price, an order number and instructions on how to make a payment.

We find the easiest method to be ‘Bank transfer’ which can be done through your Online Banking facility or your smartphone banking app and is almost as quick as paying by card.

Still want to pay by card?

If none of the direct payment options suit you it may be possible for us to arrange a credit or debit card payment via e-mail or over the phone. Please call 0800 6127 420 from the UK or +44 800 6127 420 from overseas or e-mail us through the contact page with the subject ‘card payment’.

Buy bitcoins with debit or credit card and pay us that way.

It has become easier and easier to use bitcoins in the last year or so and you can now purchase them using a debit or credit card (as well as by bank transfer etc) from the following websites:

If you want more information on buying bitcoins visit our bitcoin information page

Once you have bitcoins in your wallet you can order from us securely and completely anonymously


Greenhouse female seeds Auto Exodus Cheese

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Greenhouse female seeds Auto Exodus Cheese coming soon to

Greenhouse auto exodus cheese

Greenhouse female seeds Auto Exodus Cheese is a new autoflowering version of he classic exodus cheese cannabis strain.


Exodus Cheese x Ruderalis


Very similar to Exodus Cheese,
with the distinctive stoned effect
and the classic flavor.


7 weeks flowering time
with a yield up to 500 gr/m2.

Can be flowered at
18 or 12 hours photoperiod.

9 weeks total crop time.


7 weeks flowering time with
a production up to 70-80 gr/plant.

Medium-short plant, with
small branching.
80-90 cm. total height.

Can be flowered any time of the year provided temperature stays above 10°