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Kannabia feminized seeds auto Big Band

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Kannabis feminized seeds auto Big Band

Big Band feminised auto flowering cannabis seeds produce a plant with excellent production. Expect a highly resinous main bud and good branching.

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Kannabia feminized seeds auto Big Band

The genetics of Big Band have always stood out for the varietys ability to produce large quantities of flowers and trichomes to form thick, robust tails.

Seeking extra yield in an autoflowering variety, we have arrived at this cross, with surprising results — an auto-flowering plant with a large central bud that provides a really high yield (65 grams per plant can easily be achieved outdoors). A large number of flowers form to leave a firm, compact bud. Outdoors, this central bud can weigh up to 75 grams, and 15-25 grams indoors. Big Band also provides resistance to extreme temperature and humidity conditions.

Big Band produces thick, compact buds, and the cross gives a higher density of compact flowers in small bunches. The flavour is similar to fruit gums. A resin coating forms on the buds as if sugar had been spilled on them. The high is very smooth and relaxing.

From seed, the indoor cycle with a photoperiod of 12/12 or 14/10 is 8-9 weeks for optimal ripen-ing.

Outdoor flowering cycle: 3 months. Planting in early spring recommended.

Harvest: +3 months from seed.
Height: Medium - Tall
Indoor flowering time: 9 - 10 weeks
THC level: 8-14%
Yield: Medium

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