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Sagarmartha female auto AK48 seeds

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Sagarmartha female auto AK48 seeds

Sagarmartha have produced their own version of auto ak47 called auto ak48. This feminised strain of autoflowering seeds is one of the strongest available.

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Sagarmartha female auto AK48 seeds

AK - 48 Auto flowering feminized seeds

Definetly the strongest and highest Thc rating of the the autoflowering types AK-48 is the big gun of the ganga arsenal. Combining the world famous attributes of the AK-47 and Lowryder has produced a most rapid flowering fem fatal. As with all the lowryder crosses yields are lower than original strains. The trade off is the fast ripening time and ease of growing. For many years AK has been the leader in THC production and the tradition continues with AK-48. Tight, crystal covered tops adorn the plant and the growth pattern is perfect for high density grows. AK-48 will be the champion of autoflowering plants today and most likely tomorrow! Lock and load the AK will be the battle cry when your friends demand heavy hitting weed they need.

life cycle 8-9 weeks
height .5-.7m
yeild 300g/m2

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