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Sweet seeds Feminised mix 3

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Sweet seeds Feminised mix 3

Sweet seeds seedbank female mix #3 contains 2 Moham Ram cannabis seeds, 2 Flash back #2 cannabis seeds and 2 double white cannabis seeds. Seeds are individually labelled.

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Sweet seeds Feminised mix 3

mix #3 contains:

2 Moham Ram cannabis seeds
2 Flash back cannabis seeds
2 double white cannabis seeds.

Seeds are individually labelled.


Sweet Seeds Feminised Mohan Ram

Our personal homage to the father of STS without which our female varieties would not exist and of course we are very grateful to him, and for this reason we have dedicated to him an exceptional plant.

This genetic variation is based on the selection of White Widow which we have crossed with our sweet selection of S.A.D S1. White Widow gives a fresh, floral, fruity touch to the sweet musk of our SAD.

The result is an ideal plant, bursting with flavour of Indian predominance. It has spectacular production of resin crystals and a strong and lasting effect. It blooms quickly, easy to cultivate and it has an exquisite aroma.

General Features:

Indica / Sativa: 85-15%
THC: 18-21% CBD: 1,4% CBN: 0,6%
Indoor Yield: 400-500 gr/m2
OutDoor Yield: 350-550 gr/plant
Indoor Blooming: 8 weeks.
Outdoor Harvest: End of September.


Sweet Seeds Feminised Flash Back #2

A stabilized polygenetic result of breed-crossing a very hight quality two-way genetics.

White Widow of intense aroma and huge resin production and exceptional mother Flo, coated with trichomes and exquisite fruity earthy aroma like forest fruits and a strawberry shaded flavour.

This variety has a powerful and cerebral high effect, and aromas which evoke the feeling of time travelling to exotic countries.

General Features:
Indica / Sativa: 40-60%
THC: 15-20% CBD: 0,9% CBN: 0,5%
Indoor Yield: 400-600 gr/m2
Outdoor Yield: 350-700 gr/plant
Indoor Blooming: 8-9 weeks
Outdoor Harvest: End of September
begining of October


Sweet Seeds Feminised double white

This is the result of crossing two elite clones selected around the year 2000, White Widow and Great White Shark, which are the two most apreciated and famous of the White family.

Genetic of easy growth, strong effect, extraordinary taste and high production of flowers and cristals. In resume, a plant with which is easy to get good results.

Its a vigorous and strong plant, with short internodes and a very resistant structure, which allows easy control of its growth and that during the blooming of the buds they join toguether forming a long tail.

Its aroma is very pleasant and powerful, with slight tastes of sweet and sour, fresh and floral. The effect is also strong and typical of the indico-sativa hybrids.

General Features

Indica/Sativa: 60%-40%
THC: 17-20% CBD:1,1% CBN: 0,3%.
Indoor Yield: 450-600 gr/m2
Outdoor Yield: 350-600 gr/planta
Indoor Blooming: 9 weeks
Outdoor harvest: middle of october

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