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Sweet seeds Feminised mix 4

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Sweet seeds Feminised mix 4

Sweet seeds seedbank female mix #4 contains 2 Jack 47 cannabis seeds, 2 Wild rose cannabis seeds and 2 green poison cannabis seeds. Seeds are individually labelled.

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Sweet seeds Feminised mix 4

mix #4 contains:

2 Jack 47 cannabis seeds
2 Wild rose cannabis seeds
2 green poison cannabis seeds.

Seeds are individually labelled.

Sweet seeds Feminised Jack 47

This super hybrid is the result of crossing two of the strongest varieties of all times, Jack Herer and AK-47. Our stud AK-47 was specially selected for its great yield and strong effect. Jack Herer the other half of the cross is the same elite clone used in our Black Jack which some of you already know.

Jack 47 is a super yielding plant with demolishing effects combining the best qualities of both progenitors in one genetic variation. The plant possesses extraordinary vigour which translates into large buds with a great abundance of resin even in the accompanying leaves. The aromas and flavours of the variety are sweet and scented inherited from our mother Jack Herer.

We would highlight that this variety offers great resistance to fungus attacks bearing in mind the size and density of the buds produced by this variety. Due to the genetic freshness and hybrid vigour of this plant it is apt for all types of cultivation: hydro, bio... Its extraordinary vigour produces strong and health cuttings which in optimum conditions can take root very quickly, even in 7 days.

This variety is not recommended for new consumers.

Sweet seeds Feminised Jack 47 General Features

Indica/Sativa: 25%-75%
THC: 18%-24% CBD: 1,6% CBN: 0,5%
Indoor Yield: 500-600 gr/m2
Outdoor Yield: maximun
Indoor Blooming: 9 and a half weeks
Outdoor Harvest: End of October

Sweet seeds Feminised wild rose

This is a Hybrid of a little known variety in Europe but with a great following in Canada and North America, the Rosetta Stone of The Brothers Grimm gives the Wild Rose original fresh and citric touches. The another part is a HOG, giving it the sweetness of candy very characteristic and flavoursome.

Wild Rose is a plant with an Indian/Sativa hybrid structure very well adapted for indoor cultivation. During the first few weeks of bloom it will not attract your attention but after the fourth week of bloom it will surprise you with explosive fattening of the buds which can triple their size in the last three weeks.

Wild Rose is an easy plant to cultivate both novices as well as the initiated in cannabis growing will surely be satisfied.

Sweet seeds Feminised wild rose General Features

Indica / Sativa: 35%-65%
THC: 15%-20% CBD: 1,6% CBN: 0,5%
Indoor Yield: 400-550 gr/m2
Outdoor Yield: 350-550 gr/plant
Indoor Blooming: 9 weeks.
Outdoor Harvest: Mid of October.

Sweet seeds Feminised Green poison

Hybrid variety with mainly Indica gene and very high yield, this variety is a Hybrid with Indica predominance but with long and flexible side branches on which dominate a large central cola with a rapid, vigorous growth and a fast, explosive flowering stage, yielding large buds and becoming a super-producer of buds within a few days. With this variety, we sought for near-perfection, with exquisite aroma and taste, strong effect, high flower and resin production, easy growing and, above all, flowering very quickly.

The aroma of this variety is very intense, sweet, fruity and differs from other varieties of Sweet Seeds catalog. The flavor of this variety is also very strong and prolonged, filling the palate with an exquisite floral, fruity flavor.

Due to its rapid flowering this plant is very suitable for growing in humid areas especially susceptible to attack by fungi, as this variety achieves rapid maturity, their harvest is least effected by the most virulent botrytis (gray mold), which decimate Indica buds with longer flowering periods.

Sweet seeds Feminised Green poison General Features

Indica / Sativa: 70-30%
THC: 15-20% CBD: 0,9% CBN: 0,4%
Indoor Yield: 500-650 gr/m2
Outdoor Yield: 500-700 gr/plant
Indoor Blooming : 7 weeks.
Outdoor Harvest: Mid to late September.

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